Russell Brand may run to be next London Mayor

Russell Brand
Russell Brand (Picture:

He says voting is a waste of time and considers himself to be ‘anti-politics’, but that is not stopping Russell Brand from wanting to become the Mayor of London.

It has been claimed that the comedian is considering running for mayor in 2016.

He has allegedly told friends of his ambition to succeed Boris Johnson on a independent ‘anti politics’ ticket, despite having slammed voting as ‘a waste of time’.

He also told BBC Newsnight in 2013 that he has never voted and plans to never do so.

Despite this, Brand has released a new book, Revolution, in which he sets out a controversial manifesto.

He admits in the book that he ‘can’t get my head around economics’.

Brand also writes that he wants to ban both fracking and the monarchy, controversially suggesting that Prince George’s birth should prompt the public to ‘invest in a Fisher Price guillotine.’

A spokeswoman for Mr Brand refused to rule out the bid, simply saying ‘We are not commenting’.

On Friday, he said that he was ‘open minded’ about the idea of the US Government having direct involvement in the 9/11 attacks.