Overnight tube details revealed – but only of limited value to Heathrow travellers

Details of the new overnight tube service have been released by Transport for London – but they will be of only limited value to passengers using Heathrow.

The service won’t be introduced until autumn of next year, it won’t connect to terminal 4 and, most importantly, it will only operate on Friday and Saturday night.

Tfl say that the new service will “complement” existing 24 hour and night bus services and will open up London’s night time economy to a whole host of new opportunities.

The driving force for the new service has been to boost the London economy – they estimate that 1,965 new permanent jobs will be supported – but it will also mean improved accessibility for Heathrow passengers flying before 0700 at the weekend.

“It’s a pity it’s not seven days a week. But some hardy souls in transit might arrive late evening, go to London and return on the tube for an early morning flight” said one Heathrow worker.

Tfl said: “this would all contribute towards a more vibrant night-time economy in London, with a greater range of uses and a wider demographic, and help to retain London’s attractiveness to visitors, residents and businesses”.