Pilot buys retired passenger jet and turns it into 117-seat curry house

Customers will be able to watch the airfield activity while eating their gourmet Indian food

From the outside, it looks like any old retired passenger aeroplane sitting on the tarmac of an airfield.

However, step inside and it’s a fully functioning Indian restaurant where people who love the the high life (as well as a decent chicken balti) now have the perfect venue.

The brainchild of pilot Mustafa Azim Aolad and chef Mofuh Miah, this unique plane restaurant is currently parked at Bruntingthorpe Airfield in Lutterworth, Leicestershire.

The restaurant based in the Vickers VC10 plane will sadly not take off, but diners will have a full view of the airfield in action while tucking into their naan bread and poppadoms.

The 117-seat restaurant is based at Bruntingthorpe Airfield in Leicestershire

The plane is a guinea pig for the two entrepreneurs who are hoping that, if it lifts off, they will open five more aeroplane eateries around the midlands.

Mr Aolad owns Imperial Air Salvage and has flown lots of celebrities in his planes, including Snoop Dogg and DJ Jonny Vaughan as well as providing two planes for Tom Cruise’s latest blockbuster Edge of Tomorrow.

The partnership see lots of (air) mileage in the concept and hope the 117-seat restaurant, currently undergoing its test flight, will gather a fair amount of speed on the runway.

Mr Mustafa Azim Aolad and his business partner chef Mofuh Miah