Poignant photos capture emotional new fathers during birth of their children


These poignant photographs capture the range of emotions experienced by new fathers during the birth of their children.

The striking images were taken at London’s Chelsea and Westminster hospital minutes after their partners had just given birth.


Taken by photographer Dave Young, the photos also feature messages from the different fathers to their newborn children.

‘Family is everything to me,’ said Aman Ahmad. ‘You are the beat in my heart and the air in my lungs.’

Daniel Arques waits in a corridor (Picture: Dave Young/REX)

Daniel Arques wrote: ‘Try to live as stress free as possible.

‘Be happy and make sure to surround yourself with people who love you. If you are ever in doubt the two of us will be waiting at home.’

  The pictures were commissioned for The Book of Dads, a special Father’s Day charity edition of The Book of Everyone personalised books.

Steve Hanson, co-founder of The Book of Everyone, said: ‘The idea came about when we wanted to do something special to celebrate Father’s Day.

The Book of Everyone is a new start up run by three dads, one of whom has just had a baby and still has the look of wonder, or maybe terror, on his face.

‘We thought it’d be fun to celebrate that awe, worry and relief on the faces of new dads who have just witnessed the birth of their sons or daughters.’


Proceeds from the book will go towards supporting Borne, a UK premature birth charity.