Burglar pens remorseful letter to victims apologising for his crimes

Justin Lawler sent an apology letter to his victims

A remorseful burglar has written to his victims apologising for his crimes and asking for their forgiveness.

Justin Lawler, 34, was jailed after stealing thousands of pounds worth of cash and jewellery from homes and businesses in Erdington, West Midlands.

In a note to his victims, Mr Lawler said he was addicted to drugs at the time and admitted he had ‘let a lot of people down’.

‘I was foolish to allow myself to become addicted to drugs after breaking the habit ten years ago,’ he wrote.

‘I have let a lot of people down, my mother, grandmother and my close friends who done (sic) everything to try and help me break free from the drug addict lifestyle I had let myself slip into.’

The letter of apology witten by Justin Lawler

He added: ‘I want you to know that if I could possibly locate any items I took that day I would do everything in my power to do so.

‘I just hope that you can forgive me and I hope you can restore some normality in your home and not be affected long term by my actions.’

Lawler was jailed for four years and three months on Monday after admitting three counts of burglary between January and February this year.

Sergeant Tony Eustace, of West Midlands Police, said: ‘Lawler is very much an opportunist who looks for easy targets and grabs whatever he can.

‘He has cruelly targeted businesses and residents and has rightly been jailed for these crimes.’