Heathrow Airport showed an emergency landing on their TV screens

If you’re a nervous flier, relaxing in front of a departure lounge telly is a great way to reduce any pre-flight angst.

That is of course providing you steer clear of the screens at Heathrow Airport – which earlier today inadvertently showed live footage of the plane forced to make an emergency landing at Gatwick Airport.

In a picture posted on Twitter by journalist Hugh Whitfield, passengers are seen looking at a television screen showing BBC news footage of the incident this afternoon, which saw a Virgin Airlines flight to Las Vegas being forced to make an emergency landing following a ‘technical issue’ with the aircraft’s landing gear.

The television screen is also emblazoned with the slogan ‘making every journey better’, a slightly ironic slogan that we’re sure a few nervy fliers would disagree with.

As unfortunate as the gaffe was, passengers would have been somewhat reassured by the fact that the emergency landing was entirely successful.