Council bans fundraising taxi driver from wearing Father Christmas beard


 ‘Ho-ho-ho! Where can I take you?’ (Picture: Tom Maddick/ / SWNS)


A jolly taxi driver has had his plans to dress up as Father Christmas scuppered after the council told him he couldn’t wear his fake beard while on the job.

Dave Leonard, 43, wanted to get into the spirit of the season by donning a Santa outfit to raise money for the hospice where his mother died.

After decking his cab out with lights, baubles and dressing up as the St Nick, the Grinch Council in Barnsley, South Yorks told Mr Leonard he couldn’t wear his beard as it would obscure his face and wouldn’t match his ID card.

Although put out by the harsh ruling, Mr Leonard said he ‘understands’ why the rules have to be so strict.



 Dave Leonard, minus the beard (Picture: Tom Maddick/ / SWNS)


‘But the one thing I thought they would allow was Santa’s beard. I have had to grow my own, which isn’t as good. Mine is dark,’ he said.


The charitable cabbie raised £765 last year with only a collection bucket, however this year he hoped his antics would pull in £2,500 over the festive period.

Councillor Roy Miller said: ‘Barnsley Council fully supports Mr Leonard in his fundraising efforts, and congratulates him on the amount of money he has raised previously for good causes.’

‘Safety of the public is our paramount concern,’ he added.