Gatwick Express announces Christmas service

Gatwick Express, the non-stop rail-air link between London Victoria and Gatwick Airport, has announced its Christmas services during the festive period.

On Christmas Eve, Saturday 24th December 2011, Gatwick Express Service will run a normal Saturday service but will stop earlier than normal.

The last train from London Victoria to Gatwick Airport will depart at 20.30, and the last train from Gatwick Airport to London Victoria will depart at 21.20.

Christmas Day, Sunday 25th December 2011, Gatwick Express will operate a special non-stop coach service between London Victoria and Gatwick Airport.

These will run from 6.30, every 30 minutes until 16.30, London Victoria to Gatwick Airport with the last service departing London Victoria at 16.45.

For the journey from Gatwick Airport to London Victoria, this will run at 6.30, every 30 minutes until 16.30.

A special service will operate on Boxing Day, Monday 26th December 2011, with trains departing from London Victoria on the hour and every half past the hour and departing from Gatwick Airport every 20 minutes past the hour and ten to the hour.

From Tuesday 27th December to Friday 30th December 2011, there is a normal service except the following trains will not be running: 3.30 and 4.30 from London Victoria and the 4.35 and 5.20 from Gatwick Airport .

There will be a half-hourly train service on 31st December 2011 and New Years Day.

This will be every hour and half past the hour running from London Victoria and every 20 minutes past and ten to the hour running from Gatwick Airport.

The new installed gates at both Gatwick Airport and London Victoria stations will be fully operational as of the 31st December 2011.

A Saturday service will be running on Monday 2nd January 2012.

Service updates can be checked 24 hours a day seven days a week on the home page of the Gatwick Express website: