Newlyweds terrified as severe easyJet turbulence injures stewardess and flings passengers against the roof

Mrs Westbrooke admitted she wasn’t certain they would survive the terrifying ordeal (Picture: David Westbrooke)

A newly-married couple have told of their terror on board a flight to their honeymoon as severe turbulence flung cabin crew to the roof.

Lucy, 30, and David Westbrooke, 31, were on an easyJet flight to Naples, Italy, when a fierce thunderstorm led to three plane staff hitting the roof, suitcases being thrown from lockers and one stewardess being knocked unconscious.

The couple, from Tunbridge Wells, Kent, said they were fortunate to be wearing seat belts at the time, although the bride still suffered a sore neck after the plane hit an air pocket and plummeted.

‘The flight had been fine until then,’ Mrs Westbrooke told MailOnline.

Italian paramedics boarded the plane to attend to injuries (Picture: David Westbrooke)

‘My husband noticed the seatbelt sign went on. Most people had them off. Suddenly people were being thrown out of their seats and hitting their heads.

‘Suitcases were being thrown out of the lockers overhead. There was just utter panic. People were screaming. There was a baby thrown up in the air and the mother was just beside herself.

‘The crew didn’t really know what was going on. Some of the Italians on board were praying.’

Coffee stains can be seen on the ceiling (Picture: David Westbrooke)

Mr Westbrooke added that it was ‘the worst turbulence I’ve ever felt’.

Fortunately for the pair, they were able to take a bus replacement to Naples after the plane made an emergency landing in Naples, although Mrs Westbrooke admitted she wasn’t sure they would ever make it off the plane alive.

‘I thought ‘This is it – we only got married on Saturday and haven’t even made it to our mini-moon’. It was terrifying.’

EasyJet apologised to passengers for ‘any inconvenience caused’.

The injured crew member is set to make a full recovery, it has been reported.