Taxi drivers risk losing licence in mass London protest

Cabbies say apps like Uber are disrupting their business model (Picture: Getty Images)

Nearly 12,000 taxi drivers have promised to bring London to a standstill in a strike over mobile phone app Uber.

The mass protest will take place at 2pm today in Trafalgar Square with a procession of cabs.

Drivers are not happy with the increasing number of mobile apps – like Uber – which are disrupting their business model.

Earlier this week the Metropolitan Police sent out letters to taxi drivers warning them they must liaise with officers over the protest or risk arrest and their cab licence being revoked.

A part of the letter reads: ‘You will be aware of the risk you face in relation to the revocation of your cab licence should you receive a criminal conviction, especially one arising out of use of your cab. We wish to ensure that this situation does not arise.’

In response, the Licensed Taxi Drivers Association tweeted the following: