Soft opening for Heathrow’s new Terminal 2

A United Airlines flight from Chicago touched down at Heathrow at 0549am and became the first aircraft to use the airport’s stunning new terminal 2.

Heathrow has spent around £2.5 billion building the new terminal which will cater primarily for Star Alliance airlines.

But with the problems which beset the last opening of terminal at Heathrow still in mind, today’s event was a fairly muted affair.

The airport owners purposely wanted it to run at low capacity for several months – and United will be the only significant tenant for several months.

By next Autumn, 25 airlines will have joined United, including Lufthansa and Air France.

“It’s a dramatic building. Very similar to terminal 5 – very spacious and very open. They did a great job building it in such a constricted space” said Joe Schwarz who was meeting a passenger off the Chicago flight.