Heathrow submits third runway plans to Airports Commission

Heathrow Airport has today (May 13) submitted its proposal for expansion to the Airports Commission.

The revised plans were put forward to the government-appointed body along with Gatwick Airport’s report, which like Heathrow also include proposals for an additional new runway. Chaired by Sir Howard Davies, the commission will look at both cases for expansion & is expected to present its recommendation after the 2015 general election.

John Holland-Kaye, Heathrow Airport’s Development Director, said: “Expansion at Heathrow matters to the whole country. Only Heathrow will connect all of the UK to fast growing international markets. The plans we are submitting to the Airports Commission demonstrate major economic benefits from a third runway for the whole of the UK.

“Our plans are deliverable. Heathrow offers the fastest, most cost effective and practical route to connect the whole of the UK to growth and we have proven our ability to deliver a world-class hub that will make Britain proud. Building on Heathrow’s existing strength will connect the whole of the UK to growth, keep Britain as an ambitious global nation and help the UK win the global race.”

A second proposal for the airport has also been submitted by Heathrow Hub, which suggests extending the northern runway to 3.5 miles instead of building a new one altogether. Jock Lowe, a former British Airways Concorde captain who now serves as a director of Heathrow Hub, said today: “Our proposal is the most efficient, cost effective and politically realistic of the three proposals shortlisted by the Airports Commission.

“We offer the best solution to local communities concerned about noise or compulsory purchase of homes; and via our new railway and passenger hub can at last connect Heathrow to the national rail network and better accommodate the arrival of new passengers.”